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PVC Fittings and Valve Suppliers
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Welcome to PPFV, where excellence in PVC fittings and valves meets unparalleled customer service. For those in search of top-quality PVC solutions, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Our extensive range of plastic tubes, fittings, and valves, manufactured under strict adherence to BS and EN standards and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ensures you get only the best for your specific needs. Whether you’re involved in agriculture, aquaculture, or any other industry requiring robust and reliable PVC products, we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves on our competitively priced products, coupled with the convenience of no minimum order levels. This means we cater to all sizes of projects, large or small. Need assistance or have a query? Our expert team is just a phone call away at 01202 283 660.

We’re here to help you navigate through our range to find exactly what you need for your project, ensuring quality and efficiency every step of the way.

The Best Supplier of PVC Fittings and Valves

Embarking on a project that requires PVC fittings and valves? You’re entering a world where precision, quality, and reliability are paramount. Choosing the right PVC components can be the difference between a successful project and one that encounters setbacks.

Whether you’re a professional in agriculture, aquaculture, or any other industry where PVC plays a crucial role, understanding the nuances of these components is key. But why is PVC such a popular choice, and how do you navigate the myriad options available?

These are common questions, and we’re happy to provide you with answers below. PVC isn’t just a material; it’s a solution that offers versatility and durability, making it a staple in various applications.

PVC Fitting Adaptors Plain to BSP (Threaded): Our adaptors are designed to seamlessly transition between plain PVC fittings and BSP threaded connections, offering flexibility in your pipe installations.

Stay with us as we delve deeper into the world of PVC fittings and valves. We’ll unravel the secrets behind their widespread use and guide you on how to select the best options for your specific needs. You might be surprised at the role these seemingly simple components can play in the success of your project. We offer other services such as PE Pipe and Fittings, PVC Cement and Cleaner, PVC Cement services and more!

Introducing Our Superb Range of PVC Fittings and Valves

We specialise in providing a comprehensive range of PVC fittings and valves, designed to meet the diverse needs of pressure pipework installations. Our offerings include:

PVC Fittings Plain Metric: Available in sizes ranging from 20mm to 225mm.

PVC Fittings Plain Imperial: Available in sizes from 1/2" to 6".

PVC Fittings Threaded: Available in sizes from 1/2" to 6".

PVC Fitting Adaptors: Various options - available in sizes from 1/2" to 6".

PVC Industrial Valves Plain Metric: Available in sizes from 20mm to 160mm.

Our PVC-U pressure pipe systems are renowned for their robustness and ease of handling. PVC-U, a material favoured in both interior and exterior pressure pipework installations, is light yet durable and is easily jointed with proper preparation.

In terms of standards, our products comply with the appropriate BS & EN (European) Standards. For instance, our PVC-U fittings adhere to EN1452-3, BS4346 Part, DIN 8063, and more, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability.

Quality is a cornerstone of our products, all manufactured under the independent ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This comes with necessary approvals and certifications, including conformity to EEC safety levels for Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) and water regulations for potable water (with DVGW, KIWA, ACS, WRAS approvals).

Moreover, the chemical resistance of PVC-U is exceptional. It stands strong against most solutions of acids, alkalis, salts, and water-mixable solvents, making it a versatile choice for various industrial applications.

As for the appearance, our PVC-U pressure products are manufactured in a mid-grey colour, offering a professional and consistent look for your installations.

For projects with specified approval or certification requirements, we encourage you to contact us for detailed information.

Understanding PVC Fittings and Valves: An Essential Guide

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is a versatile thermoplastic material widely utilised in the production of fittings and valves. Its popularity across various industries stems from its exceptional properties, making it an essential material for numerous applications. PVC is notably durable and resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and weathering, which makes it ideal for long-term use in demanding environments.

In the world of agriculture and aquaculture, PVC fittings and valves play a crucial role. They are used in irrigation systems, water distribution, and waste management thanks to their ability to withstand varying pressures and temperatures. In these sectors, the longevity and reliability of PVC ensure efficient and uninterrupted operations, which are essential for productivity.

The building services industry also heavily relies on PVC due to its lightweight nature and ease of installation. PVC’s compatibility with different joining methods, such as solvent welding and threading, makes it a preferred choice for plumbing, heating, and ventilation systems. Its cost-effectiveness is particularly appealing in large-scale constructions where budget and performance are key considerations.

Furthermore, PVC’s versatility extends to its suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its inherent resistance to environmental factors, such as moisture and UV radiation, ensures that PVC products retain their structural integrity and functionality over time, irrespective of the exposure conditions.

By offering a combination of durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, PVC fittings and valves have become indispensable in industries like agriculture, aquaculture, and building services. These attributes not only ensure the longevity and reliability of the systems they are integrated into but also contribute to the overall efficiency and cost savings in operations and maintenance.

PVC ValvesPVC Valves

Selecting the Right PVC Fittings and Valves for Your Project

Selecting the right PVC fittings and valves for your project is crucial for its success. At PPFV, we offer a diverse range of PVC products, as mentioned above, each tailored to meet the specific requirements of various applications. Understanding your project’s needs is the first step in making an informed choice.

Our range includes plain and threaded PVC fittings, available in metric and imperial sizes. Plain fittings are ideal for straightforward, non-threaded connections, commonly used in basic piping systems. In contrast, threaded fittings are designed for secure, leak-proof connections in systems that require regular maintenance or adjustments.

For more complex installations, our PVC fitting adaptors provide the flexibility to connect different types or sizes of pipes. Additionally, our PVC industrial valves, available in a range of sizes, are perfect for controlling flow and pressure in various systems.

It’s essential to choose fittings and valves that comply with BS and EN standards, as well as those produced under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). This ensures that the products you select are of high quality, reliable, and suitable for the intended application.

Compliance with these standards also guarantees that the products meet stringent safety and performance criteria, ensuring longevity and efficiency in your project.

Other Available Products

In addition to supplying the widest range of PVC pipes, fittings, valves, etc., we also supply other fantastic product options, including:

ABS Pipes, Fittings, Adaptors, and Valves

MDPE Pipes, Fittings, Valves, and Accessories

Pool and Spa Pipes, Fittings, Valves, and Suction Hoses


Navigate our website to explore our full range of products for yourself.


What are your delivery times?

Our goal is to dispatch goods promptly with standard courier delivery. For web customers, orders placed by 1:00pm, and account customers by 3:00pm, Monday to Friday, are dispatched the same day. Orders after these times are dispatched the next day. Note: Goods requiring dedicated transport or palletised items are sent via Pallet-line service, arriving approximately three days post-dispatch.

I haven’t received my order yet. What should I do?

To track your order, verify the email address or mobile number used during account setup. If you haven't received a tracking email or text, don't worry. Simply give our friendly sales team a call on 01202 283 660, and we'll gladly assist you with your query.

I’ve received part of my order; where is the other part?

We understand the importance of timely delivery. While we may utilise various couriers to manage your order, our commitment remains steadfast - we will endeavour tirelessly to ensure that your order reaches you on the same day, maintaining the efficiency and reliability you expect from us.

What happens if my order is out of stock?

We aim to dispatch products on the same day of your order. However, should there be any delay, we promptly communicate the next available date, typically via email. For any queries, don't hesitate to contact us – we're here to assist you.

Do the prices shown include VAT?

We accommodate both trade accounts and retail customers. Trade prices are displayed excluding VAT and ex-works, ensuring transparency for our business clients. Retail customers need not fret; your final invoice will clearly include all details, showing the comprehensive price with VAT and carriage charges included.

The Advantages of Choosing PPFV for Your PVC Fittings and Valves Needs

Choosing PPFV for your PVC fittings and valves comes with a host of unique benefits that set us apart in the market. Our commitment to quality, customer service, and versatility makes us the go-to supplier for a wide range of industries, including aquaculture, brewing, farming, and more.

But what are the benefits of choosing us? They are as follows:

Competitively Priced Products: At PPFV, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in your projects. Our products are priced competitively, ensuring you get the best value for your investment without compromising on quality.

No Minimum Order Levels: We cater to all sizes of projects, big or small. Our no minimum order policy allows you flexibility and convenience, ensuring you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Same-Day Dispatch Service: Time is often of the essence, and our same-day dispatch service is a testament to our commitment to your project timelines. This swift service ensures that your project stays on track with minimal delays.

High-Standard, Certified Products: Quality is at the heart of what we do. Our products, including those with WRAS or DWI certifications, meet high standards and undergo rigorous quality checks. This assures you of reliable, safe, and compliant products for your specific industry needs.

Wide Range of Industries Served: Our diverse product range is suitable for numerous applications across various sectors. Whether you're in brewing, farming, or aquaculture, we have the right PVC fittings and valves for your specific requirements.

By choosing PPFV, you are not just purchasing PVC fittings and valves; you are investing in a partnership that values quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to providing certified, top-quality products at competitive prices, coupled with exceptional service, makes us a leader in the PVC industry.

Contact Our Team Now for More Information

If you’re on the hunt for premium PVC fittings and valves, your journey ends with us at PPFV. We understand the criticality of having the right components for your project, and our team is here to ensure you get exactly that. For any enquiries, product information, or guidance, feel free to reach out to us.

You can contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff directly on 01202 283 660. They’re well-versed in all things PVC and can provide you with tailored advice and solutions for your specific needs. Alternatively, if you prefer email communication, drop us a line at info@ppfv.uk. We’re dedicated to responding promptly and efficiently.

For added convenience, we also have a contact form available. It’s a straightforward way to get in touch with us, and we assure you of a prompt and helpful response. We’re committed to guiding you through our extensive range of PVC fittings and valves, ensuring your project’s success every step of the way.