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Industrial PVC Pipes
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Welcome to PPFV, where our commitment to excellence in the world of industrial pressure pipes sets us apart. With years of experience, we take pride in supplying a diverse range of high-quality PVC pipes, PVC pipe fittings, and PVC valves designed to meet the demanding needs of industries like agriculture, aquatics, and more.

At PPFV, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our products, manufactured under the stringent ISO 9001 Quality Management System, adhere to the highest BS and EN standards, ensuring top-tier performance for every application. Moreover, our competitive pricing and no minimum order levels offer unmatched value. For enquiries or more information, please call us on 01202 283 660.

The Place to Go for Industrial PVC Pipes in the UK

In the vast landscape of industrial applications, PVC pipes have emerged as a cornerstone, essential for myriad operations across diverse industries. At PPFV, with our years of experience, we’ve come to understand just how pivotal quality pipe systems are.

Whether it’s about ensuring robustness in your tube and hose applications or seeking clarity with clear pipe options, the right choice in PVC pipe can significantly influence the efficacy of your industry’s operations.

Imagine a scenario where every inch of pipe, every valve, and fitting aligns seamlessly with your needs. This isn’t just a possibility; it’s what we deliver. As quality suppliers in the UK, we offer a range of PVC and ABS pipe products, including those in various inch sizes, tailored to meet the highest quality and performance standards.

From intricate equipment to expansive pool systems, our expertise in plastic pipe solutions is designed to show just how effortlessly your operations can run. Let us help you find the right pipes, fittings, and valves to revolutionise your business’s efficiency.

From Metric PVC Pipes to Imperial PVC Pipes, Find it Here at PPFV

We specialise in providing top-tier PVC pressure pipes, a quintessential component for a plethora of applications. Our range includes both plain and threaded types, accommodating various project requirements. These PVC pipes come in various sizes, from 25mm to 160mm (metric) and ½” to 6” (imperial), ensuring a perfect fit for any system.

Crafted to handle pressures of 10 or 16 bar, or Class C or Class E, our PVC pipes are not just products but solutions to your industrial needs. We pride ourselves on offering PVC-u pressure pipe systems. PVC-u, known for its robustness and lightweight nature, is ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

These pipes are easily jointed, supporting seamless integration into existing systems, be it for water supply, irrigation, or industrial hose applications.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. All our fittings and pipes in the UK are produced under the stringent guidelines of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, with the necessary approvals and certifications, ensuring each product we supply is a quality product. Additionally, our products conform to EEC safety levels for Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) and potable water regulations, making them suitable for many uses.

PPFV’s PVC products showcase excellent chemical resistance properties, standing resilient against various corrosive agents, such as: Acids Alkalis Salts Water-Soluble Solvents Moreover, their standard mid-grey colour ensures a professional look in all settings. When it comes to PVC pipe systems and related products, our extensive range is designed to meet and exceed the demands of any project.

Other Products Available to Purchase from PPFV

Beyond our renowned PVC pressure pipes, at PPFV, we supply an extensive range of other high-quality products, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our selection includes both metric and imperial PVC fittings, offering versatility for different systems. Additionally, we provide fitting adaptors, transitioning smoothly from plain to BSP, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

For those requiring ABS pressure pipes, we offer these in imperial sizes, complete with plain fittings, plain-to-BSP adaptors, and dependable valves, catering to a broad spectrum of requirements. Our MDPE pipe coils are another key product, complemented by robust compression fittings, valves, and various accessories, facilitating many applications.

In the realm of leisure and recreation, our pool and spa pipes, fittings, valves, and suction hoses are second to none, ensuring the utmost reliability and performance.

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive account of every product we offer. Our offerings at PPFV encompass a wide range of products, each embodying our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whatever your specific needs may be, we have the resources and expertise to provide a solution. We also offer other services such as PE Pipe and FittingsPVC Cement and CleanerPVC Cement services and more!


At PPFV, we understand that the success of your project relies not just on quality pipes and fittings but also on the accessories that ensure optimal function and longevity. Our range of accessories, carefully curated to complement our pipe systems, includes top-quality products for every need.

We offer PVC solvent cements & cleaners by iT3, renowned for their high-strength bonding and effective cleaning capabilities. These are essential for securing PVC pipe connections, ensuring a leak-proof and durable system. For both PVC and ABS systems, we provide solvent cements and cleaners from Griffon, a trusted name in the industry known for its reliability and ease of use.

Our selection also includes practical accessory applicators and pipe clips, indispensable for precise and secure installations. Additionally, we offer KOLMAT tape & PTFE, vital for ensuring tight seals in threaded joints, thus preventing leaks and ensuring system integrity.


What are PPFV's opening times?

Our opening times can be found in the 'Contact Us' area on the front page of our website.

What are your delivery times?

We aim to despatch goods on the same day via standard courier services. We offer same-day despatch for web customer orders placed up to 1.00 pm and account customer orders up to 3.00 pm (Monday to Friday). Orders placed after these times are despatched the following day. For goods requiring dedicated transport or palletised items, expect delivery approximately three days post-despatch.

What if I haven't received my order?

Please check your email or mobile number for tracking updates. Contact our sales team for assistance if you haven't received a tracking notification.

Why have I received only part of my order?

Various couriers may handle different parts of your order, but we endeavour to ensure all parts arrive on the same day.

What happens if an order is out of stock?

We aim for same-day despatch, but if this isn't possible, we will inform you about the next availability of the item, usually via email. For queries, give us a call.

How can I change my order?

For any changes, contact our sales team immediately.

Do the prices include VAT?

We mainly deal with trade accounts, so prices are shown excluding VAT and ex-works. For retail customers, the final invoice will include all details, showing the full price inclusive of VAT and carriage charges.

How can I open a trade account?

Traders or Limited Companies can open an account by calling our sales team to request an account opening form. This allows us to process your details and offer discounts and terms.

Why Should You Purchase Pipes, Fittings, and Valves from PPFV?

Choose PPFV for your PVC piping needs and experience the difference of dealing with experts. With years of industry experience, we provide an extensive range of high-quality, certified PVC and ABS pressure pipes, fittings, and valves. We also offer Swimming Pool Valves, PE Pipe and more!

Our products, manufactured to BS and EN standards under the ISO9001 Quality Management System, are competitively priced and boast outstanding reviews. We take pride in offering no minimum order levels and same-day despatch, ensuring your project progresses without delay.

Trust us for dependable solutions and exceptional service tailored to your unique requirements. Call our team now or go online to make a purchase.

Contact Us

Should you wish to discuss your industrial pipe system needs or have any queries about our wide range of products, our dedicated team at PPFV is here to assist you. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality service and expertise.

Please feel free to reach out to us via phone on 01202 283 660 or email us at info@ppfv.uk for prompt and knowledgeable assistance.

Additionally, for your convenience, we have an easy-to-use contact form available. Whether it’s a question about our product range, specifications, or if you need guidance on the best solutions for your industry, our team is ready and eager to help you find exactly what you need.